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It’s Halloween time!

One of our favourite annual traditions here at Unilife is getting together for scary shenanigans to celebrate Halloween.

This year, we plan to decorate and carve pumpkins, transform our #UltimateStudentLiving buildings into eerie areas and we have a few spooky treats (not tricks!) in store for our students on Saturday 31st October. 

Halloween history

Our Unilife team love pumpkin carving. They’ve been taking guesses on how this strange vegetable chopping tradition came about in the first place and dived into the history books to find out…

It’s a common myth that many Halloween traditions have been brought to the UK from the United States because in actual fact, the use of carved pumpkins to represent Halloween, actually originated in Ireland, and the illuminated decorations were called ‘Jack-o’-lanterns’. 

It’s thought that Jack-o’-lanterns were possibly named after strange light shows that were seen appearing over peat bogs way back in the 18th century. The name may instead have come from a mythical character called ‘Jack of the Lantern’, who went head to head with the devil and was left with a dimly lit candle to find his way around the world. Throughout history, Halloween pumpkins containing candles have been used to ward off evil spirits or to frighten people – and in modern times, they are left on doorsteps and in windows to signify that the occupier welcomes ‘Trick or Treaters’. 

Join us

During the week of Halloween we have Spooktacular events lined up. Sign up to our fun pumpkin carving workshop to show off your Halloween inspired creations – your pumpkin may even win a prize!  –  Once carved and judged, your pumpkin will look perfect sat on the windowsill in your studio with a flickering light (remember no candles!).

#Sharethescare with your neighbours

As is customary at Unilife, our walls will be covered in spookily themed accessories to really give that feeling and excitement of Halloween! From spiders to ghosts there will be haunting decorations and props as you walk around the building! How will you decorate your studio this Halloween? Orange fairy lights are always a great option alongside spooky Halloween bunting and maybe even a ‘dare if you enter’ sign on your front door to spook your visiting friends and neighbours!  (@unlifestudent). Use the hashtag #ShareTheScare.

Monstrous movies

Halloween Film night is notorious for being a great #FrightNight. Sign up for a spooktacular movie night where we’ll be showing a Scareathon of movies designed to chill and thrill you. Simply grab your popcorn and settle in for a hair-raising night to remember.

If you’re stuck for ideas for decorations or looking for Halloween activities to get involved this year – take a peep below:

From wall bats to eyeball wreaths, there’s a cauldron of ideas here for making your own inexpensive Halloween decorations:

Feeling hungry? Find out here how to make a ‘sooper’ easy pumpkin soup:

Toffee apples are traditional tasty treats for this time of year – follow this 6 steps recipe to make your own:

Happy Halloween!


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