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Click your way to some hot deals, gifts and DIY Christmas decoration ideas

It’s officially Black Friday on 27th November and Black Friday deals are already out there and many seem to be trumping last year’s cut-price shopping offers.

Of course, this year, fewer of us will be physically hitting the shelves on this internationally known day of discounted shopping, but the online marketplace is totally buzzing with bargains, ready to fill our virtual baskets.

If, like 39% of the UK population, you’re looking to take advantage of Black Friday deals, we’ve found some useful sites for you to search on and take an early peek at what’s out there. We’ve compiled a short list below offering some early deals right now, that you can search for from the comfort of your Unilife studio!

Sit back, get comfy and go online

How about heading to the Techradar website where you can discover an A-Z of twenty plus retailers who are offering cash-saving deals. From Amazon to Argos, Currys to Carphone Warehouse, there’s a range of big name shops and some great money off offers on loads of different products to lighten the load of your Christmas shopping!

If you’re into gaming,  The Sun newspaper website has all the latest consoles, PCs and accessories deals. It outlines the savings on each product, by brand, and is listed by retailer so you can easily navigate through.

On the same site, hot Black Friday fashion deals are bring promoted too, enabling you to get the latest gear delivered to you - very handy right now as many of the main clothing stores are closed in our Portsmouth, Southampton and Winchester locations.

Finally, here's a page that's devoted to listing 101 Great Black Friday deals. Here, they have checked price comparison sites to find the lowest prices that each product has recently been sold for to help you decide if you’re getting a real bang for your bucks on over a hundred items!

Christmas Gift and DIY festive decorating ideas for everyone

Our Unilife team has started their Christmas shopping early and found some ingenious and unusual festive gifts that you might want to check out. If you’re thinking about Christmas, but shopping isn’t for you or you prefer to craft your own festive accessories, we’ve also found some pretty cool crafting ideas online for decorations that you can make yourself. 

Our top 3 favourite gifts

  1. Here’s a ‘COVID-19 friendly’ gift idea – how about this Contactless multi-functional key tool – it allows you to open doors, press buttons and move things with minimal contact! 
  2. If you’re struggling to think of a fun present for one of your Unilife friends, how about this Student Hacks – Tips and Tricks to Make Uni Life Easier’ book? It’s an amusing read with lots of fun ideas and tips for enjoying university life even more!
  3. The receiver of this gift needs just half an egg and some butter to enjoy this Christmas present - It's a  Christmas Cookie Baking Kit . All the other ingredients to make these baked biscuits are included in this gift box, so the second it’s unwrapped, your friend can immediately start baking (and hopefully they will ask you to help them with the tasting!)

Our top 3 home made decorations

  1. Make your own Christmas wrapping paper – all you need is brown packaging paper and some coloured pens/paints/crayons – easy and cheap to find. This website shows you an array of designs to inspire you.
  2. Pinterest has pages of free printable templates if you want to make your own snowflake decorations to give your studio a wintry, festive vibe. We like these ones from Suncatcher Studio - you can download and edit each pattern and alter the colour and size according to your colour scheme and style – simple and easy on your pocket!
  3. Finally, (and we think we've saved the best idea to last) ... everyone loves chocolate decorations on their Christmas tree, so how about trying to make cute chocolate Ferrero Roche reindeer like these? These take just 5 minutes to make and less than a minute to unwrap and pop in your mouth whenever you’re in need of a chocolate boost over the festive period.

We'd love to see your homemade festive decorations! Please take a picture and post online - Don't forget to tag #unilifestudent #ultimatestudentliving


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