Keeping it all green …

All of our student buildings have the following:

  • A management company to oversee and manage their daily energy consumption. The company is continuously monitoring and assessing the environmental impact of all business activities.
  • Are located centrally in the city centre, therefore benefit from good transport links.
  • Have been built by local contractors, minimising CO2 generated in construction.
  • Have the provision of secure covered bicycle storage.
  • Have low levels of water consumption.

Green Student Accommation, Southampton High Street

Southampton – High Street

By redeveloping an existing building we have maximised the use of the existing structure and materials, whilst minimising wasted energy in demolition and the subsequent transport of unwanted materials to landfill.

In order to offset CO2 consumption, the building features 90m² of photovoltaic panels on the roof and has been designed to reduce air permeability for thermal efficiency.

The effective reuse of an existing building, saving wasted energy in demolition, transport to landfill and on new construction.

All materials used in the construction of the development meet at least grade D in the Building Research Establishment’s Green Guide (the scale goes from A+ to E)

Portsmouth – Earlsdon Street

This project is a flagship green building for Portsmouth. It is one of the first buildings to achieve BREEAM Very Good and will reduce the total carbon emissions from the development by 10% through the use of low or zero carbon energy technologies.

It is constructed of concrete, which has high thermal mass, therefore it absorbs heat during the day and slowly releases it back into the building in the night.

It has a framed structure allowing future flexibility and ensuring all energy is well invested.

Green Student Accommodation, Earlsdon street, Portsmouth

Green Student Accommodation at St James, Portsmouth

Portsmouth- St. James’s Street

All floors are a lightweight construction of timber floor joists and the rooms have highly efficient windows to minimise heat loss.