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The Studying Student Living Experience


Welcome to Unilife, where academic success and comfort seamlessly intertwine to create the perfect environment for dedicated students like you. We understand the importance of a conducive study space and a supportive atmosphere for your learning journey. Let's delve into how Unilife empowers you to thrive academically, with study-friendly spaces both within your studio, throughout the building, and across the vibrant city!

Studying in Your Studio

Your studio apartment at Unilife isn't just a place to rest – it's a place for deep concentration. Your well-lit and neatly organised shelving space where your textbooks, notes, and laptop come together in perfect harmony. You have the space to organise your books neatly on theSpread your materials on your spacious desk and immerse yourself in a world of knowledge. With comfortable seating and minimal distractions, your studio becomes your fortress of productivity. Whether it's early morning or late at night, your dedicated study nook is always ready to fuel your academic pursuits.

Studying In Your Building

Unilife's communal spaces are designed with your study needs in mind. Engage in group projects at communal areas or seek out-of-studio peace in private study booths. Head to our modern study room, where like-minded students gather to study, collaborate, and motivate each other. Need a change of scenery? Our quiet study booths offer the perfect ambiance for focused reading and studying. When a mental break is in order, step into the common room for a quick game of pool or a rejuvenating workout to clear your mind.

Studying In Your City

Unilife isn't just about providing a place to live; it's about creating an environment that nurtures your academic growth. Unilife's strategic location ensures you have your university's campus a short walk from your Unilife Student Accommodation away. Each campus will have at least one or more libraries and study areas to emerge yourself in and to help your studies. Additionally, each city, may it be Southampton, Winchester, or Guildford, also has its local library which you can access as well. If you prefer a little bit of background noise whilst studying, you can also visit your local coffee shops, or your local parks. Fuel your passion for knowledge, embrace the opportunities around you, and make the most of your academic journey at Unilife.


At Unilife, you can find yourself relaxed throughout your student life. We aim to create an easy-going process from the moment you contact us, to the moment you graduate and move out. Here you can retreat to your cozy en-suite studio, designed for comfort and peace. Or enjoy peaceful communal lounges for unwinding.

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Your academic success is important to us. Each Unilife studio offers a comfortable study area with a spacious desk and includes high-speed internet. Collaborate in our communal study spaces for group projects. Unilife provides an environment that supports academic excellence and supports your educational journey.

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Experience the best of all worlds. Unilife's city centre locations offers access to nearby exciting shops, restaurants, activities, and entertainment. With university close by, you can socialise, make friends, and create lasting memories. Fancy staying in? Enjoy the numerous exclusive events Unilife Hosts in your building. 

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