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Here are some of our Terms and Conditions to inform you about our policies. We'd like to inform you that we like to take a fair approach which protects both you and us when it comes to signing an agreement. This page will clarify any questions you may have about cancellations, or needs to be released from your contract due to Visa or University Rejections. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

To secure a studio with Unilife, the following payments are required upon signature of contract:

1. £300 deposit. It is refundable at the end of the tenancy, subject to room status. 
2. Pre-rent instalment of 30-day rent. This payment goes towards the first invoice of the contract.

Unilife require a £300 deposit payment.

The deposit is protected with a deposit protection scheme and residents are issued with a deposit protection certificate. Our residents refundable security deposit is protected by MyDeposits, a UK government recognised scheme. The Tenancy Deposit Protection (TDPS) is a piece of legislation introduced by the UK Government in April 2006 for landlords in England and Wales. The purpose of the scheme is to protect tenants from unscrupulous landlords, who have been accused in the past of taking amounts from deposits unfairly. The legislation ultimately protects you and allows us to follow a very streamlined process for disputes after check out.

To find out more about this service visit and to find out more on how to rent you can read the How to Rent Guide 2023.

All tenancy agreements have a cooling off period of 48 hours from the signature of contract. All cancellation requests must be in writing via an email addressed to the Unilife Team [email protected]

If you have collected your keys within your cooling off period, the eligibility to cancel immediately ends. 

If a resident does not gain a place at their chosen University or College and wishes to be released from their Tenancy Agreement, they must provide Unilife with evidence of their rejection and evidence of the reason why no later than 72 hours after dated correspondence from your University or College. You may also be eligible to be released from this agreement if you are a prospective first year undergraduate student and you choose to go to a different University.

To be considered, you will need to supply us with a copy of:

- UCAS letter of acceptance. 

- Written evidence from the University admissions team

If a resident moves into Unilife and they withdraw from their course or they are evicted from university, they are still liable to fulfil their contract and they must find a replacement tenant to have their contract withdrawn. 

If a resident does not receive a VISA and wishes to be released from their Tenancy Agreement, they must provide Unilife with evidence of their rejection to [email protected] within 3 working days of the VISA rejection letter. If the above is received within 3 working days, the resident will be eligible to have their contract withdrawn and a full refund of pre-rent instalment and deposit.   

If the tenancy agreement has commenced, a resident is unable to withdraw from their tenancy agreement free of charge and they must find a replacement tenant to take over their contract. It is the main tenants responsibility to find a replacement tenant. 

If a resident wishes to withdraw from their contract, either before their tenancy has commenced or during their tenancy and it is not reasons that fall under the ‘No Place, No Stay’ or ‘No Visa, No Stay’, there is a £100 admin charge that will be applied.

The fee will be deducted from their deposit due back to the original tenant.

Unilife cannot accept any responsibility for finding a replacement tenant once a resident has signed their tenancy agreement and made the pre-rent instalment.

Once a resident has found a suitable replacement tenant to take over their contract, they must put the new tenant’s details into writing to [email protected] and the Unilife Team will contact the new tenant within 48 hours to formally transfer the tenancy. Once the new tenant has accepted the tenancy agreement and made the pre-rent instalment, the original tenant will have their tenancy agreement withdrawn and the refund will be processed within 14 working days minus £100 admin charge. 

Still have questions?

Our friendly team are available to answer your questions via whichever method suits you best.

Contact our team
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