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The Enjoying Student Living Experience


Welcome to Unilife, where the perfect blend of studying and enjoyment awaits you. We know that your student journey is about more than just studying – it's about making memories, forming connections, and embracing new experiences full of fun and laughter. Let Unilife be your gateway to unforgettable moments, where you can embrace laughter, forge connections, and embark on journeys that will become cherished stories. Let's dive into how Unilife Student Accommodation in Your City offers you a world of enjoyment, both within the cozy confines of your studio, throughout the fantastically facilitated building, and across your vibrant city!

Enjoy Your Studio

Your studio at Unilife isn't just a place to relax and study – it's also your place for enjoyement. Transform your space into a cozy cinema with the provided 48" TV and Netflix Account, comfy double bed and sofa, grab a snack from your kitchentte, and dim the lights. You can host friends and family in your studio, and they are even aloud to stay the night! (Just make sure you keep your neighbours in mind during late hours, and let us know you're having someone over!) Unleash your inner-chef in your kitchenette, or simply kick back with your favorite tunes in your soundproofed studio. The possibilities are endless in your Unilife studio, it's where you can unwind, laugh, and indulge in the activities that make you smile.

Enjoy Your Building

During the academic year Unilife's communal spaces are buzzing with energy and opportunities to connect with fellow students. Step into our lively common rooms, where many friendships are created with the countless events we host. You can expect a big Welcome Party, Halloween, Chinese New Year, Games and Movies Nights, and many more. Besides our free grab and go breakfast and Fruity Friday, you can also induldge in traditionally themed snacks at the breakfast bar, may it be Diwali or St. Patrick's Day. By living in our Unilife Student Accommodation in Guildford, Southampton, or Winchester, you'll never had a dull moment, entertain yourself in the games room (Yes, we have a PS5 ;), Cinema Room, Music Room, Common Room with Pool Tables and Table Tenis, or have a little chit-chat with your city manager.

Enjoy Your City

Unilife's prime location means you're at the heart of all the action. Step out into the city and enjoy the journey of exploration and discovery. Discover hidden gems in local markets, visit cafes and cinemas, or catch a live music or theatre performance. You can also engage in outdoor adventures like hiking, biking, or picnicking in nearby parks, and soak in the sights and sounds of your vibrant surroundings. Your city near your Unilife Student Accommodation is a playground of endless possibilities, waiting for you to enjoy.


At Unilife, you can find yourself relaxed throughout your student life. We aim to create an easy-going process from the moment you contact us, to the moment you graduate and move out. Here you can retreat to your cozy en-suite studio, designed for comfort and peace. Or enjoy peaceful communal lounges for unwinding.

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Your academic success is important to us. Each Unilife studio offers a comfortable study area with a spacious desk and includes high-speed internet. Collaborate in our communal study spaces for group projects. Unilife provides an environment that supports academic excellence and supports your educational journey.

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Experience the best of all worlds. Unilife's city centre locations offers access to nearby exciting shops, restaurants, activities, and entertainment. With university close by, you can socialise, make friends, and create lasting memories. Fancy staying in? Enjoy the numerous exclusive events Unilife Hosts in your building. 

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Begin your ultimate student living experience...

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