Joining a club or society whilst studying at University

Why you should join a club or society!

Providing student accommodation in Portsmouth and Southampton and chatting to our students has given us a good insight into university goings-on. One of the biggest regrets students have when leaving their time in education is not making the most of clubs and societies, so don’t miss out! Here are just some of the many reasons why you should sign up.

Make new friends!

Joining a society is a fantastic social experience. You’ll get to meet a whole range of diverse people who all share a common interest. This is a fantastic basis to make some new friends away from your course or student housing.

It gives the chance to go on some great socials, from fancy dress nights out to non-drinking team bonding events. If you’re nervous about turning up on your own, why not bring along some Unilife friends?

Good exercise, maybe…

If you join a sports club then this can be a great form of exercise. It provides an enjoyable and less repetitive way of getting fit. Joining a team may also provide you with that needed motivation to improve your fitness.

Of course this is less applicable if you chose to join a tea and cake society…. But of course you can always use our on-site gym!

Take your mind off Uni

University can be very stressful at times with exams, deadlines, part-time work and all the extras that come with living away from home. But joining a society is the perfect way to focus on something else, allowing you to escape from uni stresses. It gives you a chance to meet up with friends and unwind. Bear in mind to be careful, do not sign up to too many extra-curricular activities. A balance is needed and you don’t want to over do it!

Add to your CV

With the job market becoming increasingly more competitive, stand out from the crowd! Add something different and interesting to your CV; being a part of a society can help get through a little of your personality.

Extra-curricular activities also help show you’re proactive, whilst being keen to develop and improve skills, such as team work and communication. Taking on a role with responsibility within a club can again help differentiate yourself from others and again gives you something extra to talk about when applying for jobs!

But most importantly… Enjoy yourself!

The main reason to join any society is to have fun! There is something out there for everyone, pick something you already love, or be brave and go for something completely new. You might just find yourself a new hobby and make some friends for life doing so!

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Been inspired to set up your own society?

Check out these great tips from the Guardian.

Please let us know what university clubs or societies you are part of and if there are any other reasons why you joined!

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