Welcome Party Southampton

So last night was the first of our Welcome Parties, for our students in our Southampton buildings.  Held at Revolutions in Southampton, it was a chance for our new and returning students to get to know each other and us better.  There is always that worry whenever you are organising an event, is anyone going to come!! Then you worry, I hope everyone has a good time!!  Well didn’t need to worry, despite the weather being horrendous, cold, wet and miserable, our students came out.  Phew what a relief.

The atmosphere was great, not too overwhelming, relaxed, good music, courtesy of The Scandal.  A uber contagious blues-bopping, gritty indie-rock that howls like B.B King yet sounds as modern as they can. They have the great talent of being able to mix the old with the new and you can’t help getting into the mood.

The venue ideal, student central, ideal location (walking distance even in the rain) with the most helpful staff, Revolutions made everything effortless. The food was fabulous wait until you see the platters that came out.  Couldn’t stop eating it was that good.

As to whether it was a success, I think I can say it was.  Everyone who braved the elements had a great time, enjoyed meeting their neighbours, making new friends and are already getting excited for the social events coming up, what a great Welcome Party Southampton.  Christmas party next.

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