Welcome Party Portsmouth

Last night saw the turn of our Portsmouth students Welcome Party.  Held at the Brewhouse in Portsmouth, a great opportunity to venture out of their studios and put a name to the faces they pass by in the corridor or waiting for their laundry to finish.  It was an amazing turn out, glad to see so many wanted to get out and make new friends.    The evening was relaxed, open and friendly.  Plates and platters of food kept coming out throughout the evening, with so many to cater for and so many different nationalities you hope you have chosen the right food.  There wasn’t a thing left, I’ll take that as a good sign that everyone enjoyed the food.

The entertainment was provided again by the very talented, The Scandal.  A uber contagious blues-bopping, gritty indie-rock that howls like B.B King yet sounds as modern as they can. Even customers that weren’t ours enjoyed the entertainment, so we gave everyone a great night.

Now that our students have made that daunting step into a room full of strangers, they shouldn’t be strangers any longer and hope they feel like they have made some new friends or just someone to say hi to at the very least.

Time to plan the Christmas party and even more fun to be had. Thanks to all those that came to our Welcome Party Portsmouth students.

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