Unilife's Quick Guide for Students before the Christmas Break

Unilife’s Quick Guide Before The Break!

Having a happy student Christmas

It’s not far away now, Christmas is almost upon us! The first chunk of the academic year is nearly at an end for all of you, meaning some well-deserved, and much needed time off… But before you undertake in your traditional seasonal festivities, here is Unilife’s quick guide to ensure a happy student Christmas.

Don’t forget about those deadlines!

As tempting as it might be to completely forget about your studies over the Christmas break, if you know you have work due early next year don’t put it off. There is nothing worse than trying to finish an assignment at the last minute just after the New Year. Get the work done early and get it out the way. If you do then you can have a relaxing Christmas break, without the looming deadline stress!

Take advantage of all the festive events.

With the next student loan just around the corner, it is that time of year where your finances may be at a bit of a stretch. This doesn’t mean you should miss out on all the festive events though! Keep an eye out for events in your area that are both fun and free, such as festive markets, carol singing and Christmas light switch ons.

Don’t buy too many presents before you go home!

It is great to be organised and get your Christmas shopping done and out the way before the shops become so busy you can barely move. But bear in mind that if you’re travelling home for Christmas you’ll have to lug all the gifts with you! This can be real pain and a logistical nightmare if you’re an international student and have to travel by plane. Treat your loved ones well, but maybe wait until you’re home before you buy the bulk of the gifts.

Plan your packing

When it comes to packing there is fine line between over packing and ensuring you don’t leave anything important behind. It is only a few weeks break however, so you don’t need to bring the entire contents of your studio home with you. Do you really need all ten pairs of shoes? The best thing to do is make a list of the items you’re going to need when at home and try to stick to it as best as possible. Plus don’t forget to leave some room in your bags for all the great presents you’ll receive at home!

Have a joint party with your Unilife neighbours

A great way to say goodbye to your Unilife neighbours is to hold a Christmas party. Invite your friends over and get them to all bring an element of Christmas lunch. This a great way to spread the cost of hosting and a chance test out everyone’s cooking skills… You could even organise a secret Santa system where each person buys an anonymous gift for one other randomised person in the group. This always proves to be a fun and inexpensive way to give gifts, with the added element of surprise!

Relax and enjoy

It is worth remembering that the most important thing to do over the holiday period is to relax and enjoy it. You have all worked very hard over the last few months and it is very important to recuperate before returning in January ready to go again. Whatever way you choose to spend the next few weeks, make the most of it and enjoy.

You can also relax knowing the belongings you do leave behind will be safe and secure inside our buildings. We will continue to visit and check everything is as it should be at all our buildings over the winter break. Plus with our excellent full CCTV security you can be assured that your student studio will look exactly as it did when you left. If you do need to get in contact with us for whatever reason, the Emergency Contact Number 07702903315 will continue to be monitored.

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