Top tips on how to make friends on your course…

We are a few weeks into lectures now and you may have found it much easier to make friends in your student accommodation and still don’t really know many people on your actual course. So here are our top tips to making friends in your lectures.

Always sit next to people, don’t be that person that leaves a one seat gap or no one will talk to you, sit down and introduce yourself to spark conversation. Try and speak up in lectures also this shows you’re confident and can often help trigger off a friendly debate with someone. Most courses organise a social night out, make sure you try and always go or if they don’t organise one, take it upon you to get something sorted- the sooner the better.

No doubt by now you will have joined every university Facebook page there is; however are you actually active on your course page? Be helpful on them and share information as well as using it to help yourself if you have any questions or queries. Each course also has a course representative, this person is an active student who gathers the general thoughts of the students on their course and reports any problems or issues back to staff, it is a great way to get to know everyone on your course and make friends.

On most courses at some point group work will be inevitably, if you are a great team member and pull your weight people will remember you and want to work with you again. Try to do activities outside of your lectures; this includes spending gaps between lectures together and going to the library or out for lunch. It gives you a chance to talk to people for longer than the few minutes before a lecture. However you should also try and spend time with course friends outside of uni buildings and not discussing your upcoming coursework!

It can take a while for you to feel comfortable with people on your course and this is just through reasons such as how big some courses can be and that you may only see these people a few hours each week unlike those that you live with. But give it time and you will slowly create strong bonds with those who go through the same coursework and dissertations troubles as yourself. You are all in it together.



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