Top 5 non-academic things being a University student will teach you

1. How to pull an all-nighter

This one is not just for the procrastinators- even for the most organised and proactive students there will come a time at some point in the year in which things just do not go right. You inevitably end up spending your night writing up your essay which is due in at midday the next day instead of sleeping. This is by far recommended however sometimes necessary and by your final year you will become a pro at it. Knowing to stock up on essentials such as red bull and coffee as well as your favourite night time snacks is key.  Don’t forgot that the aftermath of these all-nighters means you also will undoubtedly become an expert at afternoon napping!


2. How to fend for yourself

Your time at university teaches you many things and independence is a huge one of those, with no longer having mum and dad at your beckon call you are unfortunately forced into doing a lot more for yourself! This involves learning to cook- a tedious process to go through burning everything from toast to pasta and the frying pan itself – with a lot of phone calls to mum for help! You also learn very quickly (and the hard way) to never mix your whites and coloured clothing in the wash, some of you may even learn to do some traditional DIY around your new Uni place for example mastering the art of hammering a nail into a wall (and that it’s fully acceptable for your mirror or picture frames to hang wonky).  Luckily at Unilife there is always someone on hand to help if things go wrong but we can’t save your washing if it all turns pink, oops.


3. How to get the best bargains

As students we are know for not liking to spend money- especially not on the boring things! However there are obviously the essentials needed such as food, clothes and text books, therefore over your time as a student you will learn to be the best bargain hunter and coupon king or queen! If there is a better deal out there you shall find it. Make sure you always ask for student discount, check online for a cheaper deal and check the reduced section in the supermarkets.


4. How to beat a hangover

It’s a Thursday night, the whole flat is going out but you have a 9am the Friday morning… Will that stop you? No it won’t. Because you will learn to become the master of a hangover, the amount of times you will inevitably force yourself out of bed take a cold shower and attempt to take notes in your lecture will teach you the best ways to help yourself get over the night before. Generally orange juice is a must and must be accompanied by toast or something greasy. We also all now know that the walk to your university buildings can be extremely helpful, leaving your stuffy flat and getting some fresh air can do the world of good. Lastly making sure that your flat is always stocked up with Paracetamol for when the hangover headache hits.


5. How to live off the basics

Unsurprisingly there are many times in which you will come to cook dinner and realise that you have no food in. Well you will soon become an expert chef at cooking with the basics. Pasta is every student’s essential- anything goes with pasta use up the last of your veg meat and any sauce that’s in the cupboard and you instantly have a meal. Experimentation is the key and you have to be willing to take the good with the bad; you never know what amazing meal you might accidentally stumble upon.


By Katy Finlay

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