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Testing Times – Tips on How to Succeed in Your Exams

This month on the student blog we’ll be talking about every student’s favourite topic – exams. In particular, what you can do to improve revision and maximise your grades and how to have a better results day regardless of your grade.


Ok so we’ll go through the obvious bits of advice;

  1. Plan your time – Everyone and their mother will tell you this but don’t leave everything until last minute! Make sure you walk into the room feeling prepared. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail after all.
  2. Study with friends – Sometimes studying alone can be boring, head to the library and have a study sesh with your friends! They might understand things you just can’t get your head around and vice versa. Two heads are better than one!
  3. Know your study habits – Alternatively, if you know working in a group isn’t for you and you prefer to go solo, that’s fine! Just know what suits you best and go with it.
  4. Don’t stress – Often easier said than done during exams period, I know! But honestly, try not to let the stress get to you. Don’t lose sleep over that one question you can’t get. Take a break and try again and remember you can always ask for help – lecturers are there for a reason!
  5. Sleep – Speaking of sleep, don’t forget to get lots of it! Your brain will be struggling to cope with all that information with minimal sleep. A good night’s sleep makes all the difference.
  6. On the morning of your exam – Get up early, have breakfast and take some time to gather your thoughts and prepare yourself. You’ve got a big day ahead of you!
  7. Make every second count – If you whizz through your exam and finish with loads of time to spare, use the rest of the time to carefully go through your answers and make sure you’ve included everything, it’s a marathon not a sprint.


One key ingredient for successful revision is your location. As we previously touched on, whether you prefer to be with your friends or by yourself – Unilife can offer you a solution for both of these! For you solo artists, each studio comes with a large desk as standard, you have plenty of room to spread your books out so there’s no laptop on desk while layering 2 books on top and balancing another one on your lap situation. As well as this, you get a large pin board to stick up handy revision notes and exam dates. You can take a look at this for yourself here. For those of you that like to work as a team, there is plenty of desk space in our social hubs, or even plenty of sofas and smart TVs that you can connect your laptops to if you prefer a more chilled environment! You can check out one of the Unilife social hubs by clicking here or you can book a viewing to see it all in person!

Unilife Student blog advice - How to Succeed in Your Exams

And now for some advice you probably won’t hear elsewhere. My personal advice is to not work for a specific grade, work hard and get what you get. I find this helps to take some of the pressure off when revising. It can be distracting when you’re too focused on getting that 1st and it can make results day a lot easier when you’re not expecting anything!


Whatever happens, remember to relax, study and enjoy!


Best of luck!



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