Surviving January as a university student

We are all back to Uni this week, filled with excitement to see our friends again and get away from our mums terrible nagging but deep down we are all really going to miss home. Over the Christmas break we have taken for granted all those home comforts of having someone to cook, clean and get your washing done for you. Back to university and now the thought of cooking for yourself after 3weeks off is just too much.

Most students have the first half of their exams or deadlines in January which brings on stress and anxiety not yet experienced this school year. Everyone is also considerably poorer after the expenditure of Christmas- therefore this is hibernation month. Get out your fluffiest pyjamas and new DVD box sets because you are settling in for the month.

January is just as cold and wet and miserable as the first half of winter but without the excitement of Christmas- making it the worst half of winter. Now having to walk to lectures in the freezing cold and rain- only slightly made better by that new jacket you got for Christmas- it’s a struggle to get back into the routine of things again after such a magical time off.

However, you have made it through your first term of the year, an achievement of itself and are really in the swing of things. It now feels like you have known your Uni friends your whole life and your routine is established and settled. You also find yourself with a new found confidence and have come back to university refreshed from your time at home and ready to take on the second semester. New Year’s resolutions have all been made so let’s see how long we can stick to them!

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