Sticking to those New Year’s Resolutions

This Friday marks ‘Fail Friday’ – the day we are apparently all most likely to give up on our New Year’s resolutions and give into our old ways.

Did you make any resolutions this year? We know how hard they are to stick to but have you considered how living in a Unilife property could help you stay strong and keep to your resolutions? No? Well, right now there’s availability at Unilife’s Park House property, so here’s a few ways that moving in might just help you stick to your good intentions.


Resolution 1: Get more studying done
Sometimes it can help to get away from all the tempting distractions of your room in order to get some solid studying done. Did you know Park House features two quiet study rooms designed to provide a peaceful place for you to work in? They’re the ideal place to revise during exam season.


Resolution 2: Exercise more
We know how hard it can be getting motivated to exercise when there’s so much going on, that’s why our Park House property features an onsite gym. After all, it’s much easier to keep fit if the gym is less than a minute’s walk. And if the gym’s not your thing, Park House is located right next to one of Southampton’s most beautiful parks making it an ideal running or cycling route.


Resolution 3: Go out just a little bit less
Everyone loves spending time with friends on a good night out but when it’s every night you know it’s not doing your liver (or your bank balance) any good! At Unilife’s Park House property we have some great communal areas including a spacious common room. These spaces provide a perfect place to relax and catch up with friends on any night of the week. What’s more, the central Southampton location is as convenient and easy to get to as any pub or bar.

Park House

Resolution 4: Be on time for lectures
Getting in on time can be tough, especially for those morning lectures. Luckily our Park House property is just two minutes’ walk from the main Solent University building and five minutes to the Unilink bus stop to make getting in on time as easy as possible. If you combine this with setting your alarm early and allowing yourself extra snooze time, getting in on time could really be a breeze.


Availability NOW at Park House!

That’s right, if you like the sound of sticking to your New Year’s resolutions in a Unilife property we currently have availability at Park House now. Call us on 0845 5195 100 or email to find out more.

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