The pros & cons of having a part time job whilst at Uni

Being a student can be a difficult juggling task, you are constantly told about how you need to do well in your degree but also need to have experience and extracurricular activity for your CV as well. If you’re thinking of getting a part time job alongside your studies but are unsure, here’s our list of pros and cons to consider.

Positives of having a part time job whilst studying for an obvious factor is the extra cash, university life seems to have an ever growing social life which can be hard to keep up with at times- just a few hours paid each week can make a huge difference to your weekly budget.  A job is also good for your CV showing you are hard-working, committed and even better if you can find a job in the field you are interested in. You can meet new people and make new friends from a part time job including people outside of the student life bubble we tend to get ourselves into and can help improve your confidence and social skills. From working it can help with your organisational skills and make you more punctual, skills that are crucial to your coursework deadlines, as well as making you more motivated either by seeing the types of jobs you could be in or what you don’t want to stay doing after Uni. Whilst studying you can have a lot of gaps in your timetable, you may as well make the most of these gaps and put your free time to good use, just be careful not to commit to too much.


Taking on a part time role can be a lot of responsibility and commitment, its important you need to make sure that it will not get in the way of your studying-especially around exam time. Overworking yourself will only make you more stressed and can even make you ill. Unfortunately most student jobs are irrelevant to what they want to do long term in the future and therefore do not give you the best experience for your CV. You need to have good time management in order to get your Uni work done as well as prioritising and sometimes missing out on social engagements and nights out.

If you really need the extra money for your budget then think carefully about what job will suit you best, try to get something that’s flexible and understanding of your situation and don’t just rush into the first job you find, be careful to not prioritise work over your studies and remember you need some down time to yourself as well, all work and no play doesn’t work well for anyone.

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