Middle Street Studio

Our studio design – it’s all in the detail!

Here at Unilife we understand how important the decision is when deciding upon your student accommodation. Location, space, security, design, facilities, utilities, the list of requirements goes on… We’ve made it a priority to listen to our students over the years; through conducting surveys, holding focus groups and from simply just having a chat. As a result we believe we’ve created the ultimate student living experience.

The process behind designing our properties isn’t an easy one though, the attention to detail required is meticulous! With the impressive Portsmouth Middle Street development now fully under way so it is ready in time for the 2016/17 academic year, a lot of work has gone into innovating and evolving the project from our current studio layouts. The introduction of our unique ‘your space – your way’ concept, allows students to customise the positioning of furniture to suit their individual needs. This did however provide some interesting challenges; for example wall mounted TV’s are placed on specialised extendable arms to ensure perfect viewing across the studio and beds have been designed in a way to ensure maximum under bed storage.

We want our students to really feel like their studio is a home, therefore it has to be comfortable. For example, we even went round and tested the mattresses in other student housing accommodation to see which were the best to go for, but there was a problem – we couldn’t find any we really liked! As a result we import our high quality mattresses in from Portugal and are very confident we’ve beaten the competition. Also we replace these every couple of years, or if there is the slightest hint of damage. These mattresses are then donated to charity to help support those in need.

The focal point of a good property is its kitchen and there is no difference with our studios. Self-contained kitchens are fitted with hard-wearing worktops with plenty of room, LED strip lighting under the cupboards, modern electric hobs and a spacious convection oven. All this makes whipping up your favourite culinary delights all the more easier, meaning it doesn’t have to be a takeaway every night… Plus, once finished, rubbish can be disposed of in the handy built-in wastage and recycling bins.

Middle Street Kitchen, Unilife Studio Design

Storage is a key component in lots of the feedback we receive; as a result we’ve evolved our studios to feature even more shelving, wardrobe room and cupboard storage space. Spacious bathrooms are also a key feature of our properties, again with plenty of built in storage and luxurious fixtures and fittings. Bespoke furniture has been designed to ensure the most efficient use of space, with careful planning to eliminate potential trip hazards and to avoid the painful feeling of stubbing your toe! We have also installed the highest quality vinyl flooring, as our students have let us know it is much easier to clean, and therefore more hygienic, than carpet.

Finally we wanted our properties to have an enjoyable and colourful aura. So we’ve chosen bright block colours to decorate our walls and used large windows throughout. This ensures plenty of light floods into our rooms. Something we have been conscious of though is stopping this light from entering the room at the wrong times… there’s nothing worse than being woken up early on a day off! So we’ve chosen blackout blinds built into the window frame, guaranteeing the perfect night’s sleep.

Our Middle Street show studios are now open for viewings and we would love the opportunity to show you round and explain all the features that we believe make our properties the best private student halls in Portsmouth and Southampton. Contact us now if you would like to arrange a viewing.


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