Need a shorter student accommodation contract? Your space – Your way…

If you are looking for more flexibility with your student accommodation in Southampton then you will be interested to know that Unilife has just launched a new package called Your space – Your way.

This package gives you the opportunity to select a studio contract between 40 and 51 weeks to suit your university accommodation requirements. Students can now choose from a range of payments options including termly, annual and thanks to a new partnership with Housing Hand, we are able to provide all students with a UK based guarantor service for just £345 (for 12 months).

With Unilife paying for student accommodation over the Summer is a thing of the past as you can structure your contract so that you don’t have to pay for your studio when you don’t need it. This means that you can go home for the Summer and spend the money you are saving on what you want be that music festivals, new clothes or treating your family as a thank you for all their support.

Your space – Your way contracts are available in our Park House building on all Gold and Suite studios types. Our Suite, Diamond and Diamond plus studios are slightly more spacious than other studios which makes them idea for couples who want to share a studio and experience University life together. In addition to having more floor space these studios provide more storage space for all your clothes, shoes, books and university gear. More importantly, the bed is around six inches larger.

Your time at university will be some of the best years of your life and our Unilife team is committed to enhancing your student living experience. We’ve gone to great lengths to design our studios and buildings to provide the ultimate student living experience and we even throw in treats and rewards throughout the year to exceed your expectations.

Looking for flexibility to choose your contract length, payment method without compromising on your accommodation then look no further. Only Unilife offers this flexibility and value.

Find out more about Your space – Your way.
If you have any questions about Your space – Your way after looking through our website, then please feel free contact our team on 0845 5195 100, or email yourspace@unilife.co.uk.

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