Making the most of your final year if you’re Graduating 2015

If it’s your final year at Uni then you will no doubt be reminiscing of being back in first year and wishing you could do it all over again. We are now in that stage where every final year student wants to cling onto every last minute of being a student but the months we have left are getting shorter and shorter. So here’s how to make the most of your final months of being a student…

Make the most of your student discount, 10% can add up to be a significant amount so don’t leave all your purchasing needs to the last minute- especially if you need to buy new work wear for a new job this can save you a small fortune. You will miss it dearly but once your student card expires you will just need to become even more shrewd with your money, or treat yourself with your first proper pay cheque!

It’s almost guaranteed you have been going to the same pubs, restaurants and shops that you initially found in your first year as fresher’s, as most people do. Well this is your time to explore the city you are in, venture out and try new places and new things and you might be surprised at what you find. You could also explore other cities nearby you or even visit friends at a different uni for other experiences.

Being at university does in fact give you a lot of free time on your hands, only being in lectures 8 hours a week compared to a job at 40hrs- don’t regret not using all that free time you had, use it wisely. Join societies, volunteer and socialise whatever you do just make it something you enjoy. Same goes for the summer holidays and other breaks, you won’t be getting this kind of time off in your new job so make the most of it, save up travel and take breaks away with friends. The key to this is planning, plan what you want to do after you graduate whether it be to find a job or take a gap year and make sure you book in dates to catch up with your friends. It can be difficult to keep in touch with everyone but make the effort after graduation and they can be friends for life.

Try writing a bucket list with your friends on things you want to do from now until you graduate and make sure you tick them all off in time! Finally make sure you work hard in these last few months and secure the degree that you want.

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