Maintenance and Consideration, Marius and Luke, Unilife

Maintenance and Consideration – Marius and Luke

Hi there, Sam here. We had a lot of positive feedback from the last Unilife interview, so we thought we’d do another one! This time I had the chance to sit down with new guest Marius, and Luke. Enjoy!

Sam:  Morning guys, how about we start with an introduction to our new guest, Marius.

Marius: Hi there, I’m part of the maintenance team.

Sam:  Why don’t we start with an introduction about yourself? When did you start at Unilife?

Marius: I started a long time ago, I know the exact date.

Luke: Just like Frank!

Marius: Yeah, it was the 2nd of September 2013, so it’s been 4 ½ years. I still enjoy every day here, obviously as I’m still here.

Sam: That’s a good sign, glad to hear.

Luke: He joined just as Park House Southampton was just opening

Sam: Wow, so busy start then!

Marius: Yeah, it was really busy, I jumped straight into it. It was a bit confusing at the beginning but now it’s all good.

Sam: I suppose by now it’s all bit more structured

Marius: Yes, I think between myself and Luke we know everything about the buildings

Sam: *Proceeds to point at several doors asking where the go*

All: Laughing

Sam: I think you passed my test, let’s move on. What is a normal day like for you?

Marius: I like to start the day here around 9 o’clock, perhaps a bit earlier. The main and first thing to deal with are any concerns raised by the residents about studios or facilities in the building.

Sam: I guess that keeps you on your feet, never knowing how many or how big the tasks for the day entail?

Marius: Yes, you can have a plan but how long that plan lasts for is another question, the main concern is to make sure the residents are happy, fixing issues as soon as possible but sometimes you have to wait on a 3rd party such as engineers.

Sam: Yes, I remember leaving for a lecture and bumping into you in the lobby, I’d told you about an issue with my shower only to return an hour later and see that it was fixed! I think I call back to what you said last time Luke. “we’re not promising that nothing goes wrong, things go wrong in any accommodation, but it’s the way in which we deal with things. We don’t ignore you, we find the solution so you’re happy, as that’s the aim.

Marius and Luke: Exactly!

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