Heading Home from University for the Summer

Heading Home for the Summer

Hello again! Unfortunately, the academic year is over and that means its home time. This month we’ll be discussing finishing university for summer and heading back home!

So first things first, its best to check when all of your friends are leaving as it would be a shame to knock on their door only to find out they’re miles away at home! It’s nice to have one last evening together to say goodbye and celebrate the end of uni! I mean, you’ll probably get withdrawal symptoms and end up seeing each other loads over the summer but it’s a great excuse to have one last night out – as if you needed an excuse!

Once the goodbye’s are done, that’s when the real fun begins! That’s a lie – I won’t even pretend that packing is fun because it isn’t. If you’re anything like me the amount of stuff you originally came with has doubled and I had already over packed to begin with! With that being said, here are some tips on how to be more efficient when packing;

1. Make a list – without wanting to sound like Monica Geller, it’s good to be organised at times like these and lists are key for being organised! After all, you don’t want to get all the way home and discover you’ve forgotten your hair straighteners.
2. Keep electronics and liquids separate – even worse, you don’t want to get all the way home and realise your shower gel has leaked on your laptop. It worries me how many people don’t think about this…
3. Give yourself time – I know you’ll want to be enjoying your last few weeks at uni, but it’s good to pack slowly over time, you don’t want to be packing everything the night before!
4. Declutter your room – before you start packing the stuff you want to take home, get rid of the stuff you know won’t be coming with you!
5. Label your boxes – this will make unpacking at home a lot easier!
6. Pack an essentials bag – not such a necessity if you’re getting a lift home but you don’t want to be stuck on a train for 3 hours with no headphones.

Now, this is where being a Unilife student really has its perks! If you rebook your room for the following year, you won’t need to pack at all! You can keep your stuff in your studio and it will be ready and waiting for you in September! If you’re not a Unilife student (why on earth not??) I’m sure I’ve tempted you with not having to pack, so check out the range of student studios we offer and see where you could be living on our website here.

If you’re just not ready to go home yet, you can take advantage of our summer lets! Giving you the opportunity to stay in your university town over summer. You can find out more information about this on our website here.

And then it’s over, it’s all done, you’re home! Which certainly has its benefits; mum’s cooking and not having to do your own laundry is just great. Although, you’ll suddenly become aware of how much free time you have. Now I know it’s tempting to just watch Netflix all summer but it’s definitely worthwhile to get out there! Find a job or do something relevant to your degree or just have fun – just make sure you have plenty of stories to tell at the beginning of the semester!

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