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Getting ready for Uni

This month I will be talking about getting ready for University (Freshers and upwards), and what you should be doing between now and the journey to your new home.

First of all, let’s get the obvious pointers out of the way.

  • Refresh your cooking skills – This is one essential lesson to learn while at home. Messing up dinner while away at university means wasting money, so learn ways of cooking beyond instant noodles. All Unilife students benefit from their own individual kitchens, so make sure you know how to make best use of it!
  • Another thing you’ll want to know how to do is your laundry. Yes, it sucks and is time-consuming but it needs to be done, so make sure you can get it over and done with pretty quickly.
  • Another useful piece of prep work is taking some time to research where you’ll be living and your local surroundings. For example, where to find places of interest, supermarkets, the post office, Amazon lockers (don’t worry, Unilife have their very own!), doctors and dentists and local transport connections. I’ll talk more about this next month!
  • Plan a budget. By now you should know how much money you’ll have for the term. Make sure you can make it last that long as there’s nothing worse than not being able to go out with your mates for an end of term celebration because you haven’t got enough money left.

No doubt many of you will have spent the summer chilling out and relaxing, perhaps doing a bit of part time work, but it can come as a bit of shock getting back into Uni. Luckily, as a Unilife student, you will benefit from the most stress-free university living experience possible. Having everything covered by one simple bill means no more worrying about setting up Wi-Fi contracts with broadband providers, arranging and paying for your TV licence or having to pay for laundry at your local laundrette – they have it all covered! In fact, the list of what is included is quite incredible; Netflix in your studio, access to their gym, all the sports channels in the social hubs and in some of their buildings they even provide free unlimited tea and coffee and grab and go breakfasts. You can check out everything they have to offer here:

If you’re about to start your first year, it is also a good idea to look up your course and see what topics are going to be covered and how and when will you be assessed. It helps to go into a term knowing what to expect. It is not uncommon to hear students say, ‘don’t worry about your first year, you just have to get 40% to pass, the rest doesn’t count’. Whilst this may be true for some courses it is certainly not something to be relied upon, getting into good habits from the start will set you in good stead for when the pressure builds and the deadlines and revision start to mount up.

For existing or returning students it is sensible to check your university email, I received an email from my course leader giving me a few things to look at before I return to university next month. Whilst at first my heart sank at the thought of having to start thinking about studying before the start of term, I actually found that the extra background reading helped me get back into the right mindset, hopefully reducing the shock on the first day of term.

Finally, a quick message to all Unilife students (both new and existing), make sure that you are following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They add regular posts with important news, social events and competitions, so it’s a great way to stay up to date with everything that is going on.

So, by the time my next blog is up you should all be into the swing of things on your course. All the best, have fun and enjoy it!

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