Getting to Know Unilife: Frank and Luke (Part 2)

This post is the second part of Sam’s interview with Frank and Luke. Read the first part of the interview here.

Sam: Our next topic. Parties at Unilife, we’ve thrown quite a lot of parties over the years, any favourites in particular?

Frank: Yes, definitely two springs to mind; one is the welcome party for Portsmouth at the Spinnaker Tower, it was definitely a highlight.

Luke: Definitely on my list!

Frank: Perhaps the only downside with it was that we raised the bar so high…

Sam: Literally!

Frank: It’s going to take a lot to top it! And the other is the Party in the Park, it’s in May, its warm and everyone is relaxing with Ice lollies.

Sam: Don’t forget the hats and inflatable crowns!

Frank: Yes, exactly the crowns were amazing. Its great that we offer these events, the more relaxed ones like pizza night and games night at Game Over are good too.

Sam: Good answers! Luke what about you?

Luke: Yeah, agree with the Spinnaker Tower, but also the late welcome party at Middle Street was quite cool, converting the lobby into a bar/ casino was very impressive. The other one was the bowling night a few years ago. It was very competitive with Marius.

Sam: Certainly is, You guys have been around Portsmouth and Southampton a long time, are there any places you recommend?

Frank: Yes definitely, I love Portsmouth and I love the seafront, a walk around there can cure a lot of evils. Old Portsmouth, Spinnaker and the historic dockyard. For food it’s hard to go wrong, Albert road is always good value. Still and West is good for fish ‘n’ chips. For your chains of restaurants, Gunwharf is the go-to notably, Lock Fyne. Plus a shout out to All About Tea, being only a few minutes away from Middle Street and Earlsdon.

Luke: I’ve been around Portsmouth most of my life, I know the area very well. One of my best friends owns three restaurants along the seafront: Rocksby’s, the Canteen and the Tenth Hole. They’re fantastic, there’s a little plug for him. The best for food for me is Koh Thai. Southsea has got loads of local businesses, for restaurant chains head to Gunwharf. It’s the best thing about Portsmouth, you can walk everywhere. For Southampton, Oxford Street and West Quay are great for food.

Frank: For Southampton, Turtle Bay is one of the favourites or Pig in the Wall for a pre-meal drink.

Sam: Great, I’ll have to check these out! But for now, If you guys were students, why would you live at Unilife?

Frank: I think that our business value is very strong, I think we have a very good product the rooms are great but the service we offer is a ribbon around the present. It’s the conveniences, there’s one bill to concern myself with, there is a whole team of staff ready to help. Having access to the events we throw is up there too.

Sam: Well put, Luke?

Luke: I had a lucky experience with my University, I went straight for halls as I didn’t consider private companies back then. Nowadays private companies are far more common, I was unfortunate to not get a place in halls and had to share a room in a house without WiFi. It was an interesting experience, so with Unilife, the facilities mean you don’t need to worry about a thing. In a house you’ll concern yourself with getting fast internet or if a housemate drops out who’s going to cover the bills. With Unilife this isn’t a problem

Sam: Yes, as someone who’s spent both years of University at Unilife I’ve never even considered those problems! And finally, #TheAdventuresOfFrank what are your thoughts?

Frank: I love them! Some people will say the last thing I need is an ego boost, but I refute that, I think I do! Yeah, I love how students are responding to them, it shows a more fun relaxed side of the job. There’s always room for a bit of humour. I’m a huge fan, but also a little bias.

Luke: I just think he needs to get out more, all the adventures are inside the building.

Sam: Ah, we’ll have to wait for a season 2 then! I Think that’s everything, thanks guys!

Frank: Thanks!

Luke: Thanks!

I hope you enjoyed reading this interview. It was a pleasure to have a chat with Frank and Luke and learn a bit more about them, Portsmouth and Southampton. I hope you enjoyed it too!

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