Why you should get a summer placement

If you are a first or second year student then a summer placement should be something everyone considers and now is the crucial time to start applying or contacting businesses. Think about what kind of job or area you would like to go into in the future and start researching relevant companies, by obtaining a summer placement you will put yourself in a much better position for your future.

Summer placements allow you to gain valuable experience in the specific field that you want, this can be a massive advantage on your CV compared to the other part time jobs you’ve had over the years. It also gives you a real perspective and taster for what it would be like to have a full time job in that area and if it is really what you want to do for a career. It also teaches you to be organised and efficient with your work- skills that are transferable and needed to help you with your uni work.

As well as being a great experience summer placements allow you to earn money over the long summer months that you have off. It can be hard finding a job which is willing to only take you on for 3 months however, companies that run summer placements are offering exactly that. They can help you save some extra money for going back to the next academic year, giving your cash flow a boost and helping you out on those extra living costs, or put it into savings for something you want to do after you graduate. Another bonus is if you manage to get a summer placement in between your first and second year and make a good impression, it is more than likely that they will take you back again between your second and third year as well.

If you are struggling to find one suited to you, you could also try contacting smaller companies who don’t officially run summer placement scheme’s as they will often be willing to help you out and give you the work experience you are after.

Summer placements are already available so start looking now to get in there early!

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