Finding the ultimate student accommodation in Southampton & Portsmouth

Finding the ultimate student accommodation

Finding the ultimate place to live as a student can be tough, with so much to consider and a vast array of options available to you. However, before you do go searching, ensure you know exactly what it is you want.

Create a checklist of factors important to you.
These may include some of the following:

Location, location, location…

For many the location of your new home is paramount, and there is loads to consider when it comes to deciding: distance to uni buildings, shops, restaurants, clubs, public transport and friends are all key. So think carefully about the area you want to live in, and do your research beforehand!
At Unilife we pride ourselves on the location of our buildings, being situated in the heart of both Portsmouth and Southampton. Meaning you’ll never be out the loop!


Having the best facilities in your student accommodation will make you the envy of all your friends. But make sure the basics are in place first! Don’t just be sold on the basis of a fancy gimmick. If you can, check bed mattresses, kitchen appliances and bathroom facilities. Having reliable and good internet speed is vital too, which is why we offer speeds of 100mb+. Plus with our new Middle Street building nearing completion, offering students great facilities, such as: access to gyms, secure bike holding, social hubs and even laundry credits. Who else can offer that?

Want to know more about the level of detail that goes into the design of our studios?


Once your budget is in place and you know how much you want to be paying out on your student accommodation, remember that you don’t need to just think about rent. There are other costs which many people don’t always consider, such as internet, TV license and laundry. Talking to our students, we found out that they prefer a one off monthly bill, covering everything. Which is why we offer an all-inclusive bill. No limits. No surprises!
It is also worth considering how long you need your studio for. The whole year? Just the academic period? Unilife gives you the opportunity to select a contract length between 40 and 51 weeks, your space – your way!

Your safety

Safety and security is key in student housing, so keeping your personal belongings safe is vital due to high risk of loss or stolen goods. Check any potential properties for features to protect your stuff and ask the landlord about what measures are in place. We take security very seriously at Unilife, which is why all our buildings are monitored by CCTV, have secure electronic entry doors and each room is fitted with individual video intercom systems. So you (and your parents!) can sleep easy at night knowing you and your belongings are safe!

Once you’ve established a checklist

Once you know exactly what it is you are looking for, you can start to search for your new home. But where to start?!
There are a number of online sources available to help you find student accommodation. This is a great way to search through a vast number of properties and allows you to quickly whittle down those that don’t meet the criteria.

Great websites to start include:
Accommodation for students

Also be sure to check out university housing fayres and other housing events. These are a great way to chat to landlords, find room mates and learn more about particular properties.

Check out the details about the University of Portsmouth housing fayre, this Friday (22nd Jan) and Solent student refreshers fayre next Tuesday (26th Jan). If you do go, be sure to come say hello to our friendly team at the Unilife stall!

Speaking to your friends to can also be a great way to help find the perfect house. They can provide invaluable first-hand experience of what it is really like to live somewhere.

Things to remember!

• Don’t panic – Be organised and well prepared, but you don’t have to rush into buying the first house you see.

• Do your research – Know what it is you want!

• Have a viewing – Be sure to view a property before you pay your deposit! Unilife offers skype viewings for those too far away to visit first hand.

• Ask questions! – Don’t be afraid to ask questions if there is anything you’re still not sure about.

And finally…

If you need any help, advice or wish to arrange a viewing with Unilife, please contact our friendly team via:
Phone: +44 (0)845 5195 100.

Good luck with the search for your perfect student home!

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