Christmas as a student

Yes it is that time of year again! And even as students we all still get over excited for Christmas and take any excuse to celebrate early. Therefore a two week early Christmas day tends to occur in every student flat, presents are distributed and fond farewell’s to your flatmates for the holidays made. However Christmas can become an expensive time of year with many celebrations happening and gifts to buy, here’s how to survive Christmas as a student.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great way of giving gifts, taking everyone in your friendship group each person picks one other person’s name out of a hat and that’s who they buy a present for. This is a fun way of mixing it up and limits can be set for example money limits or even sizes for example the gift must fit inside a large Smarties tube. Secret Santa is a cheaper way of giving gifts however can also make it a lot more fun and exciting not knowing who got who what, and is ideal for students.

secret santa

Explore the Festivities

In most cities throughout December there are various amounts of festivities ongoing in the centre, being at university gives you the chance to explore and experience these different occasions. Why not visit the Victorian Festival of Christmas in Portsmouth between 28 – 30 November at the Portsmouth Dockyards near Gunwharf Quays.  Or for those living in Southampton the Christmas Market is now open until 28 December for all kinds of festive fun.   It is ideally placed close to West Quay and the Marlands Centre.  Or if you haven’t already visited the capital city this is an ideal opportunity to do some London shopping and see the world famous lights too.  If you fancy going further afield why not explore the German markets and stock up on some unique Christmas presents.



Most likely you will have at least one deadline due in January and with all the festivities going on around you it can be hard to sit down and focus, however it is even worse trying to finish a deadline last minute and over the New Year. Try and get your deadlines finished early and before you go home for Christmas, that way you can fully enjoy the break away from University and not feel pressured as soon as you get back.


Plan your packing

If you are heading home for the Christmas holidays then there is always the tendency to over pack. Keep in mind that you are only away for three weeks and do not need to take back your whole Uni room! Start by making a list of the things you will realistically need in your time away and try and stick to it as best you can when it comes to packing, remember to not get caught up in taking home every pair of shoes you own and hundreds of different outfits as you will inevitably end up wearing your warmest clothing anyway. Do however remember to plan appropriate outfits for any celebrations and events you have over the holidays to save yourself from having to make extra last minute purchases.


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