Student cooking in Unilife student accommodation Solent, Southampton

How to become a student Masterchef!

Hello! This month I’ll be discussing student cooking, more specifically how I got started! Including the good, the bad and the ugly.

Now before I came to uni I could boil pasta and at best, I could make my own pizzas. I thought this would be enough to see me through my year and, to be honest I’m easy pleased so, I’d still say that it would have. My word of advice to students who are about to embark on their their journey to uni life (see what I did there?) is to spend summer in the kitchen nailing the basics; cook pasta, cook eggs, cook anything you can! Confidence is the key to success here! Even when you’re at university keep trying new things, personally, I brought along a cook book and tried a new recipe whenever I could.

You may be thinking that student accommodation isn’t the best place to decide to be Gordon Ramsey as the kitchens aren’t always kept in the best condition. Well, one of the advantages of staying at Unilife is having your own kitchen area in your room! This means no unexpected mess and you can cook at whatever time you want (midnight snacking is a necessity for all-nighters). Each studio features its own electric hob with two large rings and a combination microwave, grill and convection oven. You can check out the kitchen facilities of a Unilife studio by clicking here or you can arrange a viewing here if you want to see them in person!

If your own kitchen area isn’t enough to inspire you to become the next Jamie Oliver, Unilife will be making things even easier for you by providing you with all the kitchen and dining equipment you could possibly need! So all you need to bring along are the recipes, or at least a recipe book! Also, in the new Unilife Middle Street building, there are two communal kitchen areas so you and your friends can get to work on one of those home cooked roast dinners you’ve been missing! You can keep an eye on our Facebook page for any upcoming events using these areas – potentially an ideal time to show off your new cooking skills!

So back to my struggles with cooking. After coming back to uni from the Christmas holidays, I honestly thought that I’d keep up the good pace of learning new recipes. However, this hasn’t always been the case! Due to deadlines and the workload building up there just hasn’t been the time. That being said, the ‘basic’ recipes that I keep going back to are becoming second nature to me. This is definitely helpful when coming home late from a day in the library. I’ve even found new ways to switch up the recipes and make the dishes a bit more exciting! For example, swap pesto for tomato and chilli sauce when cooking pasta – simple but very effective!

In summary, everyone has to start somewhere. Its an over used phrase but it does carry weight in this situation! While I’m not saying I’d happily sign up for Come Dine With Me anytime soon, I’m much further along than I was when I started. Don’t believe me? Well at the start of the term I had a go at cooking pancakes. How did it go wrong? You might ask. Did I flip it and not catch it? Nope, worse. Confusing Salt for sugar. Matt, I’m really sorry! Unsurprisingly, I didn’t take a picture of those, so here’s some that I’ve made this term – a vast improvement on my earlier attempts, if I do say so myself! Also, don’t forget to check out Unilife not only for hassle free and easy student cooking, but for the ultimate student living experience!




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