5 things you need to do before Easter

Easter is just around the corner, but before you can sit back and unwind whilst enjoying a variety of chocolate eggs it is a good idea to get organised so here are some top tips.

Get organised

It’s an obvious one but make sure you hit your course deadlines – dropping coursework marks just before the exam period can cost you dearly. Get out any library books you may need – remember most University libraries extend the loan time of books over the holiday periods.  Don’t forget to check the return dates though – we all loath that embarrassing trip to the library to settle unpaid fines. Don’t forget to take home your revision material too, once you are home you won’t want to road trip back to collect that one important journal article!

Pack up your room

I think it is true to say that most of our clothes, shoes and accessories you took to your University accommodation with you remain untouched for the whole year – a bit like that oversized suitcase you take with you for a long-weekend. Once you have handed your work in and of course organised your Easter revision, it’s a great idea to take your unworn clothes home as at this time of the year time is flying and your oversized winter wardrobe isn’t going to be needed when you return to springtime.

Clean your accommodation

We’ve all been there, leaving that bowl of Weetabix in your room over the weekend and coming back to find your spoon cemented to the bowl. Make sure you clean up your room or studio flat, you can then return in 3 weeks’ time to a clean stress free environment. It will also remove revision obstacles giving you one less excuse for procrastinating when you come back and launch into a busy exam period.

Make plans

Whilst you’ve been working hard and partying, your friends and family have no doubt missed you. Get in touch with them and make some solid plans. How about something different like a trip to the local zoo – you, your friend and a giraffe makes a great selfie. Time will go quickly and so make the most of it and look after your old friends as well as your new University ones. If you are an international student then make sure you enjoy something quintessentially English like afternoon tea for two.

Help out your parents

After years of doing all the washing and cooking, your parents deserve a treat. Seeing as you’ve now learnt the skills of housework, how about getting stuck in at home and helping out with the chores? It will mean a lot to them! If you have the sort of parents who will be spring cleaning and laying down the red carpet for the return of their child then how about treating them to dinner. There are lots of deals on these days in your hometown as well as the local Portsmouth or Southampton Student Union.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy your well-earned Easter break and make the most of the time, the chocolate and your family and friends!


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