Unilife students celebrating the Royal Wedding 2018

The Royal Wedding 2018

On November 27th 2017 it was announced that HRH Prince Harry was engaged to marry the American actress Meghan Markle. The nation waited in anticipation for the date this special occasion would take place so that parties could be planned and celebrations could begin. A Spring date of Saturday the 19th of May was chosen as the date we would get to see Royal Prince Harry marry Meghan in a true life fairy-tale.

We were eager to celebrate this truly British occasion at Unilife and knew our residents would be too. As it was a British Royal event we chose to host a delightful Afternoon Tea and live viewing of the Royal Wedding. The event took place in our Middle Street building based in Portsmouth in one of the spacious Social Hubs. It features a giant TV and plenty of comfortable seating; both essential for Royal Wedding viewing!

A few days before the big occasion, special golden invites were hand delivered and placed on residents’ doors cordially inviting each one to attend the Unilife Royal Wedding event. The hint of gold along the corridors was a lovely sight to behold and started to raise excitement levels for the big day!

The day of the Royal Wedding arrived, and residents began to make their way to the Social Hub just as the celebrity guests started to arrive on TV at the real Royal Wedding. Residents were surrounded by a sea of red white and blue balloon bouquets as they discussed the wedding guest outfits, celebrity attendees and waited in anticipation to see the first glimpse of the beautiful bride and nervous groom.

As the cars were making their journey towards St George’s Chapel our residents took the opportunity to tuck into the delightful Afternoon Tea provided. A selection of colourful mini cupcakes, pastries and drinks were enjoyed along with the traditional British triangle sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and jam. We even had our very own royal wedding cake! Keen to be fully immersed in such a fabulous occasion, one of our residents arrived with a magnificent chocolate cake topped with fresh strawberries. The cake didn’t last long as it was devoured and enjoyed by all!

As the newlyweds took to their royal carriage for thrilled members of the public to show their love and appreciation, it provided the perfect opportunity to have photos taken as Prince Harry and Meghan with our popular face masks. Residents enjoyed posing and creating fun photos whilst pretending to be the royals!

From the moment the beautiful bride arrived and stunned everyone into an awe of silence, to the moment the vibrant and animated Bishop delivered a rousing speech, the Unilife Royal Wedding event was a special one in which our residents will look back on and remember sharing with Team Unilife. A great honour!