Pizza Night Park House Southampton student accommodation

Pizza Night – Southampton

The Unilife team delivered a pizza night at Park House Southampton last night which featured over 30 students, 160 slices of pizza and 1 lucky winner of an Amazon Echo!

On Monday afternoon an array of pink post-it notes could be seen through the corridors of Park House, letting students know about a pizza night taking place in the common room the following evening. Even if you missed the handwritten note on your own door you were sure to see another few on your way in and out of the building; they couldn’t be missed!

Pizza Night post-it note

As 6pm on Tuesday approached and the anticipation of free pizza was building, students began to gather in the common room to socialise, play pool and listen to music through the big screen TV. Soon enough, the smell of Pizza began to fill the corridors…. the pizza had arrived!

Pizza Night Park House

With plenty of flavours to choose from including Meat Feast, Texas BBQ, Vegetarian and Pepperoni, the blue and pink plates soon became filled. With cans of drink available in the mini fridge, extra garlic & herb dip scattered around and the addition of garlic pizza bread there was plenty to ensure everyone was fed, watered and happy!

At one end of the common room the latest Transformers film could be seen whilst at the other end groups of students were meeting new neighbours and catching up with friends. As the pizza boxes began to empty but students were yet to be full, another order was placed for more pizza!

Unilife Park House Southampton students enjoying the free pizza

Whilst waiting for more pizza, the live prize draw for students who had renewed with us was started to see which lucky student would walk away with not only a full stomach of pizza but also a brand-new Amazon Echo! Our very own Frank had the joy of selecting a random name from our Unilife summer hat. After a brief drum roll by students to increase the suspense Frank pulled out the name of the lucky winner….Felix! Congratulations Felix!

Unillife Student Prize draw

During the midst of conversation and Transformers transforming, a loud cheer went up for the pizza delivery man entering the room for the second time in the evening with more fresh pizza. Hooray! Students helped themselves to second, third and maybe even fourth rounds of pizza to ensure they ended the night refuelled and happy.

As the evening went on students stayed in the communal areas to continue catch-ups and getting to know new neighbours and friends. Some moved into the communal kitchen to the table and chairs (with pizza) whilst others remained in the common room to see the entire Transformers film.

Unilife Park House students socialising

Student enjoyment and happiness is our priority at Unilife which is why we were delighted to receive positive feedback from those who attended the Pizza Night. Comments included ‘good atmosphere with all the Unilife Team’ and ‘more pizza nights please’. All the happy faces were also a great indicator into the level of enjoyment our students were having 😊

A great night had by all with not a leftover piece of pizza in sight!

Portsmouth….it is your turn next! Portsmouth Pizza Night next Tuesday (24th April).