Portsmouth Meet & Greet Pizza Night 16/09/18

On the weekend of the 15th & 16th September a sunny Portsmouth became a place of much activity and excitement with the arrival of Freshers to the city and the University of Portsmouth. At Unilife residents new (and returning) arrived throughout the week, with the weekend prompting a surge of incoming students to settle in… Read more

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What to expect when you arrive at Unilife this September

As the glorious hot summer draws to an end to make way for September and the start of a new academic year, Unilife are ready and excited to meet new residents visiting a new city for the first time – and returning friendly faces, settling back in to the comfort of their own studio. Our… Read more

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Maintenance and Consideration – Marius and Luke

Hi there, Sam here. We had a lot of positive feedback from the last Unilife interview, so we thought we’d do another one! This time I had the chance to sit down with new guest Marius, and Luke. Enjoy! Sam:  Morning guys, how about we start with an introduction to our new guest, Marius. Marius:… Read more

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Getting to Know Unilife: Frank and Luke (Part 2)

This post is the second part of Sam’s interview with Frank and Luke. Read the first part of the interview here. Sam: Our next topic. Parties at Unilife, we’ve thrown quite a lot of parties over the years, any favourites in particular? Frank: Yes, definitely two springs to mind; one is the welcome party for… Read more

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Getting to Know Unilife: Frank and Luke (Part 1)

Hi there, Sam here. I’m a current student living with Unilife and I sat down with Frank and Luke from Unilife to get to know them a bit more. Here’s how it went! Sam: So, why don’t we start with an introduction by the two of you? Frank: Yeah, Frank is the name, I am… Read more

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Your Guide to Student Work Placements

Hello again! This month I’ll be talking about taking University work placements as part of your degree, why you should consider them, and what to do if you’re interested. So, first question, what is a placement year? A placement year is a year off from your course where you’ll work for a company in the… Read more

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Unilife House Manager Shortlisted for Industry Award

Frank Pinto, Unilife House Manager, has been shortlisted for the category of ‘Unsung Hero of the Year’ at the forthcoming Student Accommodation Awards hosted by The Property Week. Frank has worked for Unilife for over two years, having previously worked as a Guest Relations Manager in an internationally acclaimed five-star hotel. Throughout his time with… Read more

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Getting to know your city

Hello again! By now you should be off to a great start on your Uni… life (sorry, couldn’t resist!), which is not only very exciting for new students but also hopefully a refreshing change for returning students, after a long summer break with the family. As a new student, you will no doubt be starting… Read more

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Getting ready for Uni

This month I will be talking about getting ready for University (Freshers and upwards), and what you should be doing between now and the journey to your new home. First of all, let’s get the obvious pointers out of the way. Refresh your cooking skills – This is one essential lesson to learn while at… Read more

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Tips for Finding Work During the Summer

  Hello! Now following on from my previous blog (if you haven’t read it, why not? You can find it here)  the novelty of being home has worn off and you’re looking for things to do. So this month we’re talking about summer jobs, so you can get saving for freshers week! Where do I… Read more

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Heading Home for the Summer

Hello again! Unfortunately, the academic year is over and that means its home time. This month we’ll be discussing finishing university for summer and heading back home! So first things first, its best to check when all of your friends are leaving as it would be a shame to knock on their door only to… Read more

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Student Money Management

Hello again! This month we’ll be discussing student money management. Learning how to budget can be one of the hardest things about moving away for university but it’s essential to get the hang of it, sooner rather than later! If you don’t pick it up, it can lead to many issues later on in your… Read more

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    At Unilife we want our students to feel part of the Unilife family. We know that for many of you it will be your first time moving away from home and therefore a slightly daunting experience. However, there is no need to worry, you will have the opportunity to meet many new friends in your building and get involved in a fantastic social community.

    At Unilife we pride ourselves on listening to what you want and know that the first step is sometimes the hardest. We are here to make it easier and give you the chance to make new friends and have some fun, whatever your interests are. Feel part of the Unilife community.