Why you should get a summer placement

If you are a first or second year student then a summer placement should be something everyone considers and now is the crucial time to start applying or contacting businesses. Think about what kind of job or area you would like to go into in the future and start researching relevant companies, by obtaining a… Read more

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Pancake Day Recipes

Pancake Day is approaching, have you got your ingredients yet? Here’s our top recipe picks this Shrove Tuesday to inspire your pancake making… Nutella and Banana Using your standard pancake batter, top your pancakes with our favourite chocolate spread and thin slices of banana. Our top tip is to place the chocolate spread in the… Read more

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Unilife VS Private Renting: key things you need to think about when choosing your student accommodation.

When it comes to deciding where to live as a student the options can seem confusing and endless. Most students are making the choice between private rented housing and private student accommodation such as Unilife.  Here are some key things you need to think about… Location As the age old saying goes, location, location, location!… Read more

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The pros & cons of having a part time job whilst at Uni

Being a student can be a difficult juggling task, you are constantly told about how you need to do well in your degree but also need to have experience and extracurricular activity for your CV as well. If you’re thinking of getting a part time job alongside your studies but are unsure, here’s our list… Read more

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Making the most of your final year if you’re Graduating 2015

If it’s your final year at Uni then you will no doubt be reminiscing of being back in first year and wishing you could do it all over again. We are now in that stage where every final year student wants to cling onto every last minute of being a student but the months we… Read more

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Surviving January as a university student

We are all back to Uni this week, filled with excitement to see our friends again and get away from our mums terrible nagging but deep down we are all really going to miss home. Over the Christmas break we have taken for granted all those home comforts of having someone to cook, clean and… Read more

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A-Level Results and University Clearing

So that impending day is looming, A-Level results day.  I’m sure you’ve put off thinking about it for a while, I know I didn’t think about it once my exams were finished and just concentrated on having fun with my friends and enjoying the summer and planning on how great it would be going to… Read more

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Summer Lets

Unilife offers Summer Lets just for you. Unilife offers more than student accommodation, it’s the ultimate in student living. So whether you are coming to the UK to study a language course or are just looking for great studios in central locations in heart of some lovely cities, then Unilife offers Summer Lets just for… Read more

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Face of Unilife

As some of you may have spotted we recently revealed the two winners of our Face of Unilife competition. Our new faces are Natasha Patel, a student at from Portsmouth University and Matthew Li, a student at Southampton Solent University. And here they are receiving their Face of Unilife prizes… As the lucky winners the… Read more

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Sticking to those New Year’s Resolutions

This Friday marks ‘Fail Friday’ – the day we are apparently all most likely to give up on our New Year’s resolutions and give into our old ways. Did you make any resolutions this year? We know how hard they are to stick to but have you considered how living in a Unilife property could… Read more

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Student Christmas Party

We would like to thank everyone who attended our Christmas parties this week! We had a blast, and we hope you did too? We held our Portsmouth festivities at the Brewhouse and Kitchen on Wednesday evening, with a live performance by Andy Muscat and his band. Students nibbled on canapes and sipped some of the… Read more

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Gap year or career break?

We found this very interesting article on gap years in the Huffington Post and wanted to share it with you… The article discusses the pro’s and con’s of taking a mid-career break over the usual after university gap year. David Dodd, the journalist who wrote the article has a very firm opinion on what option is… Read more

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    At Unilife we want our students to feel part of the Unilife family. We know that for many of you it will be your first time moving away from home and therefore a slightly daunting experience. However, there is no need to worry, you will have the opportunity to meet many new friends in your building and get involved in a fantastic social community.

    At Unilife we pride ourselves on listening to what you want and know that the first step is sometimes the hardest. We are here to make it easier and give you the chance to make new friends and have some fun, whatever your interests are. Feel part of the Unilife community.