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What to pack moving from home?

Moving away from the nest to university for the first time can be a big change with a lot to think about, so planning what to bring with you will be the first step of an exciting journey. At Unilife, we provide a high quality environment and a selection of bespoke Studios, Twin and 2 bedroom apartments which already contain all the furniture and kitchen appliances you need. This means you only have to pack essentials like your clothes and any decorative items to make the space your own.  

To make the most of your Studio living experience, we also recommend a few items that are optional and can make a real difference in making Unilife your new home away from home. This list will give you some helpful pointers to make sure you arrive fully prepared, and can enjoy the social life and studying shortly after moving in to your new student accommodation.  


To make healthy cooking in your own kitchen easier for you, Unilife provides you with a microwave-oven-grill combo, a double stove, a fridge-freezer and a lot of kitchen storage to store all your fresh veggies, pasta, and the occasional ice cream. We found that many students like: Toasters, Kettles, and Blenders. Some of these are provided in our communal kitchen. Of course you're welcome to bring some additional equipment to prepare your favourite meals, some of them might already be provided in our communal kitchen. So… what are the essentials to bring with you? 


  • Toaster, Kettle, and Blenders (If you prefer your own) 

  • Bowls, Plates, Cups, Glasses, Cutlery, and Kitchen Utensils 

  • Pots and Pans 


Suggestions for your First Food Shop: 


  • Oils, Spices, and Vinegars, Ketchup, Mayo, and other ready made sauces (For a quick healthy meal!) 

  • Pasta, Rice, Bread, and any other preferred grains 

  • Fresh Veggies and Fruits 


To make it even easier for you, we’ve teamed up with UniKitOut so you can purchase a complete kitchen pack and receive a 10% discount with the code UNILIFE10. We are happy to take care of the delivery if you'd like to place it before your arrival, and will happily leave it inside your Studio, ready for you to use when you get here. 


There will be space for your toiletries underneath the sink, on the bathroom worktop and inside your mirror cabinet. Items you may want to remember to bring with you include: 


  • Hairdryer and Flat Iron 

  • (Electric) Toothbrush, Tooth Paste, Water Flosser, Holder, and Soap Dispenser 

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Cream, Make-up, Etc. 

  • Towels, Scrubber/Washcloths 

  • Toilet Roll and Toilet Brush 

Bedroom and Wardrobe

Your room will already come kitted out with a double bed, comfy mattress, two night stands, and spacious wardrobes. So all you would have to bring with you are mainly personal items to make your studio familiar so you can relax in your soon to be, new home. Items you would have to bring along are:   


  • Duvet and Pillows 

  • Bed covers, favourite blankets  (to incorporate your style into your room) 


You’ll have a lot of space underneath your bed to hide away your boxes or suitcases to keep everything organised. In addition to that, all our studios offer a generous amount of space for you to pack: 


  • Clothing hangers 

  • Iron / Steamer 

  • Laundry Basket 

  • Every-Day Outfits (for those in-person lectures) and Night-out Outfits 

  • Gym Wear (Yes, we have an indoor gym!) 

  • Comfy Home Clothes and PJ’s (So you can relax in your studio or enjoy our indoor facilities in comfort!) 

Study Area

Your studio will come equipped with a large desk and comfy desk chair to make sure you have everything you need to optimise your studying. If you would like to personalise your study area or have notes you’d like to remember,  you can pin those on the provided pin board above your desk. You will also have access to a free printer and paper in the common area which can print in colour and on gloss photo paper. So all you will have to bring with you is: 


  • Laptop / Computer / iPad  

  • Speakers / Headphones 

  • Pins, Photo’s or Sticky Notes (for the pinboard) 

  • Pens, Pencils, and other stationary items. 


The Unilife team is happy to show you how everything works and can guide you if necessary, although you would have to bring with you: 


  • Clothing Washing Powder/ Fabric Softener / all in one tablets (Whichever you prefer!) 

  • Bathroom Spray, Air Freshener, Kitchen Spray 

  • (Spray) Mop & Bucket, Dustpan and Brush (Henry the Hoover is provided!) 

  • 2 Bins and Bin liners (General and Recycling) 

  • Kitchen Roll, Dishwashing Sponge, Cloths 


When it comes to packing, the items needed can vary from person to person, so a simple trick to follow would be to write down what you use daily, and tick off those items as you pack them. Using your personal list and our Unilife checklist, will make sure you don’t forget anything essential! Remember that our team will be here to welcome you on the day of your arrival and is happy to help and answer any questions you may have in the meantime. We look forward to welcoming you!


Begin your ultimate student living experience...

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