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Resident Story – Asma Amin

Second year Winchester University Student studying English Literature with English Language

I am a second year Winchester University Student studying English Literature with English Language. Studying at Winchester University has been comforting as it is a small university compared to other universities. Also, it is full of supporting services especially in the time of the pandemic that help students, whether it is financially or mentally. Furthermore, overall Winchester is fairly small so majority places such as town is walking distance from university and from my studio. 


Experience as a student in COVID-19?

Being a student in the pandemic has been immensely difficult as all classes have been moved to online for months. Therefore, being at Unilife has been an important aspect of my second year, due to having space to study and focus indoors, in my studio. 


What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is an Islamic holy month. It is where most Muslims fast and focus on their spiritual life and practice it daily for the month. It Is also a time to focus on self-discipline and give charity to the ones who are less fortunate than we are and who need it


How do I experience it in Unilife?

As a student living in Winchester Unilife, it has always been very relaxing and comforting. Ramadan is a month period where Muslims fast, meaning they drink no liquids or eat solid food for a long period of time. This Ramadan I cannot eat from after 04:00am and it opens after 20:00pm. As a resident at Unilife it has made me easier and more confident to wake up at 03:00am to close my fast and make food, as living in a single studio, you do not disturb any other residents, and you can do as you please. Furthermore, due to fasting it is exhausting to go out even to university, so the fact the university is only opposite from my studio, helps immensely as I can get to my appointments swiftly. Also, as a Muslim who is fasting and suffers from health problems, getting rest is vital as anyone could agree, without liquids or solid food, our mind does not function well. Therefore, sleeping or laying down for hours is vital if needed and my studio is the perfect place for me to get that rest due to not hearing many noises and having no disruption. In addition, if I need to pray or read Quran, I have my own space to do so and that too in peace, which is a bonus when having a studio. Finally, once I need to open my fast, I can open it as I please and that too comfortably in my studio depending on if I need to cook or get takeaway. The lift in the building is also a big support for me, as fasting, it is very difficult for me to climb stairs, so the lift is right next to my studio for comfort. 


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