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Meet Juan Francisco

Meet Juan Francisco, the new City Supervisor at Unilife High Street in Southampton.

What is my role at Unilife? 

City Supervisor at Unilife High Street in Southampton. 

What does a typical day look like? 

If you encounter any issues with your accommodation, seek to arrange something special, or simply wish to have a conversation, I am here to support you through both good and challenging times. I am dedicated to delivering the Unilife Experience to everyone, organising events where students and staff alike can come together and enjoy shared experiences.

What do I do outside of Unilife? 

I enjoy an active social life, often spending time with friends and exploring the outdoors through activities like hiking. However, my true passion lies in collecting cards and games, and I derive great pleasure from playing and engaging with them.

What superpower would I have and why?  

As an anime fan, there are numerous superpowers I would love to possess, but undoubtedly, teleportation would be the most incredible. Being able to travel around China and Japan without any cost, visiting the most historical and beautiful places with just a jump... it would be the ultimate experience in the world.


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