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Dealing with A-Level Results

Here are our top 3 tips on adapting to your unexpected results!

Now that you’ve got your A-Level results, the waiting game full of stress and anxiety is over, but for others it could be quite the opposite. So, what to do now? Here are our top 3 tips on adapting to your unexpected results!

Don’t compare yourself to others


Seeing your friends results on Social Media could naturally lead to comparing yourself to others, and that can go two ways. Seeing someone else doing better than you could put a downer on your confidence, but for others it can inspire them to do better. Find out which one of the two you are and proceed to take actions from there. If it will make you feel worse, try to sign out of your social media accounts for a month until the floods of A-Level Result posts have passed over.


Look for other options and your Plan B


Tens of thousands of students are placed at their chosen university course through clearing each year, so there's a likely chance you might find something similar to your choice of course and university. If you fancy something different from university you can always look at different options which can possibly get you to the same place you would like to end up at. The list below are other options you can explore as well:


Ask for Advice


You can ask you parents/guardians, family, teachers, friends, and college & sixth form advisors for advice, even if you feel like you don’t need it. Sometimes you may not fancy hearing it either, but listening to advice from other people can often be very eye opening, they might mention something you wouldn’t have thought of before, and can therefore help you make one of the best decision of your life. That being said, you certainly don’t have to take it into consideration, but listening to what they have to say is always a good idea!


You may feel the need to apply to anything and make a quick decision as the new academic year approaches but that can lead to unforeseen consequences, such as not liking what you’ve picked. You can always take a year out and apply for courses the following academic year, especially since you’re still young. If you feel like you do need to rush, it’s advised to always research thoroughly, ask for other opinions, and go over it a few times. - Good Luck and Unilife wishes you the best!


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