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  • 20Jan
    Being a student can be a difficult juggling task, you are constantly told about how you need to do well in your degree but also need to have experience and extracurricular activity for your CV as well. If you’re thinking of getting a part time job alongside your studies but are unsure, here’s our list... Read more
  • 19Jan
    If it’s your final year at Uni then you will no doubt be reminiscing of being back in first year and wishing you could do it all over again. We are now in that stage where every final year student wants to cling onto every last minute of being a student but the months we... Read more
  • 4Jan
    We are all back to Uni this week, filled with excitement to see our friends again and get away from our mums terrible nagging but deep down we are all really going to miss home. Over the Christmas break we have taken for granted all those home comforts of having someone to cook, clean and... Read more