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  • 16Oct
    By Katy Finlay – Marketing Intern – Portsmouth University 1. How to pull an all-nighter This one is not just for the procrastinators- even for the most organised and proactive students there will come a time at some point in the year in which things just do not go right. You inevitably end up spending... Read more
  • 16Oct
    So last night was the first of our Welcome Parties.  Held at Revolutions in Southampton, it was a chance for our new and returning students to get to know each other and us better.  There is always that worry whenever you are organising an event, is anyone going to come!! Then you worry, I hope... Read more
  • 1Sep
    Written by: Paul Millar from The Student Room   1. You will wake up and not know where you are After the first night, you’ll wake up and you’ll feel like you’re in the strangest place. You’ll look around at your half-unpacked room and, for the first time, you’re alone. No mum, no dad, no... Read more